When perfume draws its inspiration from the East

Longing for elsewhere, a warm spicy haze and coloured powders; an invitation to travel is well and truly launched on the road to perfumes.

In men's gragrances, a mosaic of spices bursts forth and comes to settle either in hot or cold variants but always with the same intensity and lingering scent. Elegance, charisma and virility. Explo­sive, audacious interpretations of black pepper, ginger, pimentos and carda­mom in perfumes that are elusive and liberated from conventions. It’s getting hot in here… leather Is passionately asserting itself around saffron and dark woods and diffuses extreme sensuality in the splendour of an oriental night.

The expression of spices for women leads to a sophisticated, exclusive and simply wonderful fragrance,  like a modern painting exhibiting modern materials.  Intense and vibrant, they come alive to caress our senses, to take us away to another place… it leaves behind an amazing trail intensifying the spices whether they be hot or cold to excite and arouse our memories. Pink or black pepper, ginger, cinnamon, saffron or incense-like add a deep and carnal opulence to women’s fragrances. In a more oriental way, Oud is again the holy grail for perfume creators, a much sought after rich ingredient… and much appreciated in the Arab world where it is used as a substitute for incense and takes on the oriental rose. Oud exhales both precious, deep and dark scents of woody, leathery and smoky notes, animal and spicy. Warm and enveloping fragrances, these bring seduction and mysticism.

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