OLFACTORY PYRAMID – How a fragrance is built

The Start or Top note – it is time for Seduction

It is the first olfactory sensation perceived when opening the bottle, or when spraying on the skin. 
The one that is supposed to provoke a heart blow.
They are generally volatile notes: hesperide, aromatic, herbal, light floral.

The Heart or Heart note – it is the Love Story or the Romance

It is the scent which reveals itself few seconds later, and which translates the main theme of the fragrance (floral, fruity, spicy, gourmand accord).

The Dry-Down or Dry-down note – it is the key to customer fidelity

It is what stays after evaporation, even several hours later.
We discover the woody, ambery, balsamic, vanilla, musky notes.


We propose two examples of "olfactory pyramid" which illustrate a feminine scent RoseValley and a male scent Nimitz.
You can notice that the construction of the pyramid is different in both cases:

- For Rose Valley, belonging to the Floriental Family,

The three olfactory elements, top, heart and dry down, divide up in the following manner:

  • Top: 25 % Fruity harmony
  • Heart: 45 % Floral harmony
  • Dry-down: 30 % Oriental harmony

We shall evoke here a fragrance with floral dominance.

- For Nimitz, belonging to the Fougere Oriental Family, the distribution of these three elements is as follows:

  • Top: 15 % hesperide fruity harmony
  • - Heart: 40 % floral favender geranium harmony
  • - Dry down: 45 % woody ambery harmony

We shall evoke here a very powerful Fougere (geranium-lavender / sandalwood-patchouli-vétiver harmony).

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