Women's trend: gourmand notes very present in women's perfumes

Gourmand notes are the main trend right now. Really sweet facets made popular in previous years are disappearing little by little to make room for a lighter and more subtle gourmandise, airy and deliciously fruity or aquatic. These more intense notes sublimated beneath dominant vanilla equally reflect this new sophisticated gourmandise. Light and clear gourmandise, mouth-watering juicy and colourful, sprinkled in water melon or citrus fruits somewhat surprised by the exotic presence of a pineapple piece…  “happiness therapy”  fruity cocktail for a sensation of freedom. On the contrary, a new sparkling gourmandise, embraced by the feisty woman.  The vanilla bean, a drop of honey and vapours of scented marshmallow blend well with the beauty of opulent flowers mingled with a hint of warm wood. An elegant recipe for femininity confirmed.

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