Here we present our own interpretation of the olfactory families classification; these classifications vary from person to person, depending on one’s culture or knowledge of olfaction.

Below we have listed the six main families to be further categorized into sub-families:


This family includes unisex Colognes and fresh compositions.
The main components consist of sparkling and tonic zests of Hesperides: Lemon, Bergamot, Mandarin, Grapefruit... Blended with aromatic, floral or fruity hints, and further wrapped in a Woody-Chypre or Musky base, their longevity and sophistication continue to grow. 

Hesperide family: Citrus fruits

Calvin Klein's CK One launched in 1994 has considerably modernized this family with their strong musky and floral  accents.

Some of our creations: Chairman Blue, Aviator Style, Inception


Dedicated to women’s perfumes, this family finds itself composed of a large variety of creations from soliflore (Jasmine, Rose, Tuberose…) to heavy oriental bouquets. Green, aquatic, fruity, spicy and woody hints expose and enhance the floral composition.

Floral family: rose and jasmine

New technologies have effectively allowed for more creativity on the perfumers end, such as having the ability to capture scents on live flowers or CO2 extraction.

The Floral Family is categorized into 8 sub-families:

  • Floral Green

A green top note with a "cut grass" or "leaf" connotation, will give a more incisive coolness, wheareas a green note blended with a soft fruity touch such as Quince for example will provide a more delicate composition.

Floral Fresh: lily of the valley

Some of our creations : Vert Délice, Apology

  • Floral aquatic 

The aquatic notes remind us of  waterfalls and oceans while delicate Water Lily or fresh and fruity Watermelon evoke transparency and brightness.

Floral Fresh Aquatic: lotus flower

Some of our creations: Tender Mist

  • Floral Spicy

This floral theme is engulfed with a touch of spice : Carnation, Rosebay, Cloves, Pepper, Cardamom or Nutmeg.

Floral Spicy: carnation

Some of our creations: Fleur de Soie, Sensual Love

  • Floral Fruity

Fruity scents such as Peach, Apricot, Raspberry and Apple, will illuminate the blooming bouquet and unmask a joyful and young femininity, whereas exotic scents such as Mango, Pineapple and Coconut will be more attractive for younger consumers.

Floral Fruity

Floral Fruity: red fruits

Some of our creations: Incidence Blossom, Only Me passionAkoya Delicate Rose

  • Floral Woody

Beautiful harmony between delicate floral tones, such as Jasmine, White Rose petals, and Magnolia, fruity facets and a soft base of Woods (Sandalwood, White Cedar…) and White Musk.

Some of our creations: Akoya Blue

  • Floriental

The sweet and powdery notes like Heliotrope, Opoponax and Orris will soften the floral composition and reveal a mysterious and oriental facet.

Some of our creations: Love Tonight, Diplomate pour Femme, Diplomate Intense pour Femme

  • Floral White Flowers 

A luxurious floral blend reveals voluptuous White Flowers such as Tuberose, Orange Flower and Gardenia. These tones find themselves as opulent, luminous and radiant.

Floriental: orange blossom

Some of our creations: Galice Gold, Royalty, Vénitienne

  • Floral Aldehyde

The aldehydes find themselves as strong chemical bodies.
Chanel n°5 is the clear leader  among this family. Very fashionable in the 70s, this family is not as prolific as it was.
Aldehydes no longer find themselves as the dominant elements within their fragrances, but continue to bring both power and longevity to their compositions.


The Oriental compositions draw upon their richness and opulence from precious elements such as Amber, Vanilla, Spices, Exotic Woods and Tonka Beans, delicately blended with floral, fruity and citrus facets.

The Oriental Family is composed of 3 sub-families:

  • Oriental Woody

The woody elements very present in the heart and the dry down, as Sandalwood of Mysore, Vetiver of Java, bring sweetness and sensuality to the composition.
Some of our creations : Tender Kiss, Pretty Rose, Thallium Women

  • Oriental Gourmand / Vanilla / Fruity

This relatively new family, introduced by Angel, includes notes with characteritics that reminisce  of one's childhood, such as Chocolate, Liquorice, Praline and the more traditional Coffee and Vanilla.
Essentially used in feminine compositions, the gustative trends are also present in masculine creations and bring softeness to their strong virile leathery-woody notes.

Oriental Gourmand : chocolate - coffee

Some of our creations : Mondaine, Only Me in Black, Mondaine Blooming Rose

  • Oriental Floral

This sub-family displays the balance between floral scents and that of precious and elegant woods such as Sandalwood of Mysore, Patchouli and the sensual and creamy tones of Amber, Vanilla and Tonka Beans.

Oriental Balsamic : myrrhe

Some of our creations: Red PearlGalice Sensuelle, GrandioseOnly Me Elixir


Chypre is based on a blend of woody, Oak-Moss, Patchouli and Citrus.
While often giving an impression of intense notes when smelling on a fragrance strip, this composition changes drastically when applied to the skin, to reveal an elegant and long-lasting trail.

Chypre Family: patchouli


Chypre has generated both elegant and renowned perfumes such as Aromatic Elixir or Aramis.

The Chypre Family is categorized into 2 sub-families:

  • Chypre Floral

A rich and floral bouquet of Rose or Jasmine blended with a woody Patchouli base.

Chypre Floral: rose

Some of our creations: Sanderling, Adage, Monogramme, Exaltation

  • Chypre Fruity

Fruity notes such as Apricot, Peach or Red Fruits bring luminosity and modernity to the chypre family.

Chypre Fruity
Some of our creations: Nuptia, Organdi, Pulsation...


This family concerns itself with mostly masculine fragrances.

Fougere is an accord that combines Hesperides, Lavender, Geranium with Oak Moss, Vetiver or Coumarine.

Fougere family: oak moss

fougere family: tonka bean

The success of R of Rabanne or Azzaro allowed for this family to truly assert itself and evolve while still remaining virile. The new Fougere compositions are mingled with floral, oriental and even gourmand scents.

This is a very dynamic family, in constant evolution.

The Fougere Family is categorized into 3 sub-families:

  • Fougere Aromatic

The plants of the Mediterranean basin such as Lavender, Basil, Thyme, Rosemary, Mint and Anise give this aromatic effect. 

Fougere Aromatic: lavender Fougere Aromatic: aromatic herbs

Some of our creations : Cyrus, Aviator AuthenticAviator Code, Chess in Blue, Ivanhoe in Blue, Remittance

  • Fougere Aquatic

The use of tonic watery or sea notes brings both freshness and vitality to the fougere accord.

Fougere Aquatic: watermelon

Some of our creations : AuthorArmada Silver, Incidence pour Homme, Ivanhoe Sport, Diplomate Silver Touch

  • Fougere Oriental

The fougere key accord is underlined with oriental elements like Vanilla, Tonka Bean and powdery tones. 

Some of our creations : Thallium, Rich Man, Aviator Club


These perfumes are built on a strong and woody blend of Sandalwood, Patchouli, Cedar or Vetiver. They are both warm and opulent, finding themselves as very masculine and virile when being combined with oriental or leathery-tobacco notes. They are more delicate and elegant with floral or aquatic hints.

Woody Family

 Woody Family: cedar

Recent creations within this family unveiled very strong products such as Gucci's Gucci pour Homme and more recently Azzaro's Silver Black.

The Woody Family is categorized into 6 sub-families:

  • Woody Aromatic

Aromatic elements such as Artemisia, Lavender, Basil, Rosemary... bring a fresh and virile tonality to the woody base.

Some of our creations : Writer, Business Code...

  • Woody Aquatic

This sub-family offers aquatic notes (salty-marine, ozone, water-fruit) mingled with woody elements; this reveals very contemporary and revolutionary fragrances.

Woody Aquatic

Some of our creations: Thallium Sport, Incidence pour Homme Energy, Chess Black, Rich Man Aqua

  • Woody Floral

A floral note, such as Violet or Orris, will sublimate delicately the woody accord.  

Woody Floral: Violet

Some of our creations : Chronometer, Chess BlueArmateur Gold Limited Edition, Rich Man Oud

  • Woody Spicy

Spices mingled with the woody structure give character, warmth and body to the fragrance.

Woody Spicy

Some of our creations: Chairman, Chairman White, Thallium Black, Ivanhoe, Ivanhoe in Black

  • Woody Oriental

A sub-family boasting very strong and rich accords between oriental notes such as Benzoin, Myrrh, Opoponax, Tonka and Woody-Leathery personalities, such as Patchouli, Sandalwood, Cedar or Gaiac. These aromatic, herbal or spicy accents can create a very original and vibrant “fresh-warm” contrast, ultimately giving the composition all its charm and elegance. 

Some of our creations: Anonymous by Thallium, Aviator black Leather, BridgeDiplomate pour Homme, Diplomate Extrême pour Homme, Slider

  • Woody Chypre Leathery

A strong leathery base constiting of Birch, Cade, Styrax, Cistus, further combined with woody and animal blends creates a strong dark virile composition. Chypre woody leathery: birch

The top and heart notes will bring a subtle hint of luminosity and colour using floral, fruity or spicy accentuations.

Some of our creations: Traveller Earth...

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