Is both our inspiration and our guarantee of quality. It translates into fragrances that breathe Paris and the French art of living. It is embodied by manufacturing and packaging exclusively carried out in our production unit located in Normandy, at Honfleur: COSMOLUXE.


Is at the heart of each of our creations. Whether it is the fragrance itself, a bottle, or the story we want to tell, each perfume is imagined by our passionate teams. We tell beautiful stories and love giving our clients a chance to dream and make life lovelier, more intense, and filled with more inspiration.


Perfume draws its PASSION from this strength, this pleasure that drives us all and makes us want to forge ahead, to go farther, to surprise and please you.


Is the impeccable 'quality and safety' assurance of our perfumes, their original scents, and the care given to all components of enjoyment: the bottle, the design, and the fragrance.


Essentially reflects the high quality of our juices and the creativity of their presentations, expressed through the inventive and exclusive designs of the bottles.


Guarantees the irreproachable quality assurance and safety of our perfumes, of their original fragrances and of the care that goes into every ingredient of pleasure, from the bottle and design to the scent itself.