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Paris Bleu

Mystic Blue

Mystic Blue

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Eau de Parfum For Men— 100 ml

Woody Amber


MYSTIC BLUE is a mystical elixir that evokes a dreamlike paradise, with scents that awaken the senses towards fleeting happiness.

A memory of a languid sunset over the heights of the Bosphorus, between East and West, MYSTIC BLUE is a sophisticated fragrance imbued with mystery.

Its balsamic notes combined with woody scents evoke those clandestine places where one gets lost in secret vapors.

Amber whirls create a creamy and generous trail, leaving an infinite feeling of fulfillment on the skin.

Like an invitation to immortality, an intense fragrance that enchants and captivates the senses, embodying a charismatic and confident man.


MYSTIC BLUE is a men's fragrance that combines the warmth of woods, the sensuality of amber, and the depth of musk.

Grapefruit at the top brings a fresh zest to the cistus and saffron.

The woody notes take center stage in this fragrance, offering a sense of robustness and power.

Amber adds a warm and sensual facet to the perfume. Its suave character, along with the rose, creates an enveloping and seductive aura.

Musk perfects this fragrance by adding depth and captivating sensuality.


Top: Grapefruit – Cistus – Saffron

Heart: Cedar – Patchouli – Rose

Base: Sandalwood – Amber – Musk

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