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Paris Bleu

Secret Rose

Secret Rose

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Intense Unisex Eau de Parfum — 100 ml

Woody Floral


This fragrance transports you to a world where the warm desert sands meet the exotic spices, the sun-baked terracotta, and the delicate desert rose. The journey begins with a refreshing burst of raspberry, lemon, and red tea, creating a vibrant and inviting opening. As the heart unfolds, the richness of gaiac wood blends seamlessly with the aromatic saffron and the opulent Taïf rose, complemented by hints of cypriol and light woods, evoking the mystical aura of the desert. The base envelops you in a comforting finish of musk, oud, vanilla, and praline, adding a touch of indulgence and depth that lingers long after.


Top: raspberry, lemon, red tea

Heart: gaiac wood, saffron, Taïf rose, cypriol, light woods

Base: musk, oud, vanilla, praline

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